The last couple of years have really been kind to graphic adventure fans, and a big reason for that is Dave Gilbert. Head honcho at Wadjet Eye Games and creator of the superlative Blackwell series, Gilbert has turned his hand to publishing, with A Golden Wake last year and now Technocrat Games’ Technobabylon.

Technobabylon is a point and click adventure that isn’t afraid to get deep into some complicated themes while remaining well written, consistent and above all fun to play.

goplaythese-datingDating, Curses, Visualizers & Touchdowns!

Dating, Curses, Visualizers & Touchdowns!

Whether you’re into helping Cupid’s little arrows find their mark or stripping American Football down to its basics, there’s something for nearly everyone* in this edition of GoPlayThese!

*Unless you don’t like having fun that is!

plagueinc_bannerPlague Inc: Evolved

Plague Inc: Evolved

I’ve been wanting to write about Plague Inc: Evolved for a few weeks now. I’ve never felt more inspired to do so than now. I’m ill. For realsies.

As gastroenteritis squirms its way through my guts and tears me asunder from the inside, I click around a world map, bleary-eyed. As the norovirus thrashes at my intestinal wall, I evolve my created virus to obtain two new symptoms: dysentery and vomiting. Before I need to rush to the bathroom for another agonising bout of fluid loss, I watch my fictional virus spread through a region in northern Spain, where I first contracted my own illness.

Yeah, see how you like it.

gitarooman-header4Gitaroo Man

Gitaroo Man

Here we are in 2015, anticipating a resurgence in the music game genre including a double-header from Harmonix with a Kickstarted Amplitude and a fan-focused Rock Band 4, and Activision are getting back in with a shaken up and FMV-heavy Guitar Hero Live. It’s been a while since we’ve had an embarrassment of music game riches, but back in the early 2000s we were inundated with music games of many types and origins, and Japan led the charge.


goplaythese-dinosaursDinosaurs, Disco, Crabs & The News!

Dinosaurs, Disco, Crabs & The News!

Back with some more tasty digital treats, GoPlayThese recommends space dinosaurs, underwater crab avoidance, hard-as-nails disco ships and typing as fast as humanly possible! Go look!


charnel_house_headerThe Charnel House Trilogy

The Charnel House Trilogy

The Charnel House Trilogy, from Owl Cave Games (responsible for Richard & Alice) is a short point and click horror adventure set on a train journey to the mysterious Augur Peak. Dealing with the psychological collapse of a young woman after the death of her father, the game is an exercise in creeping dread that sets a new bar for gothic mystery. It packs more genuinely unsettling moments into a short runtime than many other games manage over hours. However, as an experience it is hard to pigeonhole, but I will endeavour to explain why (spoiler free of course) why this game is one of my favourites of the year so far!