Announcing Our 24 Hour Gaming Marathon 2017!

Today, we are excited to announce first details for our 2nd annual 24 Hour Gaming Marathon, taking place on Saturday 11th November 2017!

We will be live streaming on our Twitch channel for a consecutive 24 hours, playing a bunch of different games and interacting with our viewers in our fight against sleep, and we're hoping to see generous donations from you as we raise money for charity!

Last year, we held our first charity marathon and it went incredibly well. Tom and Hush flew in from England and Switzerland to join Stu and myself for a full 24 hours, with Earl paying the occasional visit (at one point accompanied by twin baby girls), and Bob joining us online from Germany to play and chat. We kept ourselves and our fans entertained and completely smashed our initial €600 donation target, with the money going directly to last year's charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.

 22 and a half hours into a gaming marathon looks just like this.

22 and a half hours into a gaming marathon looks just like this.

We have decided to make this an annual tradition, and preparation for our 2017 marathon is underway. Tom and Hush have their flights booked, and with the rest of us in Madrid already, you can expect to see all six of us together onscreen. We've also got a new charity selected: SpecialEffect!

Who are SpecialEffect?
This UK-based charity specialises to enable people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games. As 'the gamer's charity', they've struck a chord with the GoPlayThat crew and we're looking forward to helping them out this year.

We'll be sharing details on the marathon and our playlist as we get closer to 11th November, but our JustGiving fundraising page is live right now, and we're taking donations already! Last year we had surpassed our donation target before the day of the marathon, and then saw generosity during and after the event itself. will get you over to JustGiving to see more.

Our Feature page for our marathons has more on the 2016 event, and we suggest following us on Facebook or Twitter to be notified of news and updates as we approach the big day. I leave you with the full archive from last year. Enjoy, and consider donating now!