Four in Feb 2017 Wrap Up!

Well.... what a month! February 2017 may well go down in history as one of the most difficult 4iFs that GoPlayThat have done. Tech issues, the pressures of our day jobs and changes in personal circumstances meant that no-one really had the time to commit fully to the challenge. If you look closely at the GIF you will see that the vast majority of the games were finished in the last week, and the streams show just how hard we pushed in the last 7 days. All nighters, blood, sweat and tears meant that we were successful! Well, all except Tom, who thought that Bloodborne would be a smart idea. He was wrong.

So strap in, sit back and follow us into this journey of late nights, energy drinks and baby twins as we conclude 4iF for another year:

Here it is: the majority of our streams from 4iF 2017! If any parts are missing, blame tech gremlins, or Sega's draconian use of copyright claims. Enjoy! 

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