Four in Feb 2018 Game Selection!

Four in February 2018 starts today! You will find us on live on our Twitch channel as the seven of us reach into our backlogs and get some games completed. Four in February is our yearly tradition where each of us tries to complete four games within the shortest month of the year.

For our fourth year, we have further refined the format, to give us a fighting chance of completing our team playlist in a month where many of us are travelling a great deal. We're now only requiring ourselves to complete one game each in order to beat the challenge, and in doing so we're also planning to stream those seven playthroughs in their entirety, accompanied in the chat by other members of the GoPlayThat crew.

Those of us who want to push towards completing four games and fulfilling the original meaning of 4iF will be encouraged to do so once their first one's in the bag.

Today's episode of the GoPlayThat Podcast is a focus on the start of the event, with a rundown of the playlist we've come up with:

Here is a look at the 2018 playlist:


You can follow our progress on Twitch, where we'll be streaming out every session. Follow us on there to get notifications when we go live. 

We'll also be sharing updates and notifications across Twitter and Facebook, and updating our progress through the event over on our special Landing Page.