Game cover artist Bob Wakelin passes away

I'm not going to make a habit in posting obituaries here on GoPlayThat, but this one inspired me to hit the keyboard. For many kids growing up, there were legendary comic book covers, or album covers. Images from posters on their walls that have lasted in memory. For me, video game cover art was everything.

In-game graphics on the Spectrum 128K weren't too hot to look at, even at the time. Screenshots on the back of boxes had a hard time conveying what you were going to be playing once it loaded. That's where Bob Wakelin came in.

I used to pour over game cover art for hours in game stores. Their imagery capturing the spirit of the cassette tape held within. Bob's were among the very best. His art defined classics such as Midnight Resistance, Wizball and Renegade. His art was an important part of my childhood. 

Bob Wakelin was my Frank Miller. My Jack Kirby. Rest in peace.