Retro Game Cave's Sega Trio

I want to talk briefly about a recent purchase I've made to make my life a little easier. I won't re-tread ground that the Angry Video Game Nerd has covered already in this video, but the 32X (and Sega CD) need their own power source, independent to the Sega Genesis. This means a total of THREE power cables to play certain Sega games on this system. Ridiculous! However, after a little research, I came across this custom-made device from a website called Retro Game Cave: the Sega Trio.

For hand modelling gigs, please email the usual address.

Quite simply, this little fella powers the Genesis, 32X and Sega CD with just one power adapter (also the EU and Japanese equivalents). They sell them in US, EU and UK flavoured plugs too, which is savvy customer service for international gamers.

Other than the obvious convenience of using less sockets on your wall, there is power efficiency to consider and one extra bonus that has been bothering me recently: less video interference.

You see, the trouble with older hardware is that they didn't always do a great job of shielding the inner workings from electrical interference. This meant that when I was powering both the Genesis and 32X at the same time, the image would "wobble" slightly. Not so with the Sega Trio.

So there it is, that's my plug of the week (way-hey!). They very rarely have them available, so I heavily recommend you follow Retro Game Cave on Facebook and sign up to the newsletter on their website to keep informed on when pre-orders are available.