Cross-platform parties coming to Rocket League

Rocket League has long been a proponent of cross-platform multiplayer, with PS4 and PC players able to mix it up for a while now. Recently, it was announced that Switch, Xbox and PC players will be doing battle. One thing that Psyonix have yet to crack is the ability for players on different platforms to team together in a party and take in the world. It looks like we won't have long to wait.

Destructoid recently spoke with creative director, Corey Davis, detailing the upcoming Fall Update for the game, which includes the framework which will allow for these parties to exist. The game will be introducing its own account system, with a "Psyonix Friend ID" replacing Steam IDs and GamerTags, as the method of identifying your friends and teaming with them.

The article discusses some of the political challenges on top of the technical ones, but Rocket League is the best shot we have at seeing something like this pulled off successfully and I really hope this brings us closer to a "one world" standard where we gamers can play together, regardless of our platform preference.