Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love

You are Cube. Accept it, and move on. Roll with it, if you will. See the world, raise a civilization. Burn everything. You are a cube, and thus the choice is yours.

Cube lives on a small planetoid, populated by various strange and exotic creatures that eat, evolve and talk, albeit in a language that needs to be decoded first. Hidden artifacts and buried coins abound, waiting to be dicovered. Gems lay trapped in stone pillars, waiting for release. Trees can be nudged, dropping collectable stars and fruit which serves to change the colour of Cube.

Cube & Star Colours GoPlayThat

Colour is of the utmost importance to Cube. The main objective, if it can be called that, is to spread colour and joy throughout this grey world. As you roll around, the colour spreads, giving new life and new colours to trees, which in turn allow cube to harvest different fruit to continue painting the world.

Throughout Cube's journey, emotions are discovered. Using these emotions can erect buildings and raise small populations of lesser creatures, or can burn and scar the surface of the world, leaving it devoid of precious colour.

Cube & Star Fire GoPlayThat

A gentle exploration game by Doppler Interactive, Cube & Star is possibly one of the most relaxing games that I've seen. There are objectives, things to do, but no pressure. Enemies won't trouble you, as the closest things to enemies are philosophical in nature. Shiva to your Brahma. There are no time limits, but there is development and depth to the story. I've played for six hours, and while my colourful influence stretches across my little planet, I still haven't discovered everything.

If whiling away a few hours rolling around as a happy little cube sounds appealing, you can grab the game on its website, on Steam or on Desura.