Drift Stage (Public Alpha)

While I was alive in the '80s, I don't remember quite so much neon everywhere. Nor do I remember cool angular sports cars throwing themselves around every turn with reckless abandon, smoke pouring from obviously distressed tyres. Maybe its because I grew up in the north of England, and my family owned a Ford Fiesta. That's certainly the excuse I'm going to use when people find out that I am rubbish at Drift Stage, despite my instant love for the concept.

What a concept it is. Take cars designed around the classics of the mid-eighties to early nineties, slather everything in super-neon colours, and wrap everything up in a electro-rock soundtrack. Then make sure that the path to victory lies in going sideways really fast and you're on to a winner.


In the pre-kickstarter alpha you have one car (looking suspiciously like James Bond's Lotus from The Spy Who Loved Me), one track (Sunset City, and what a smog infused sunset it is), and one mode (Hot Lap). That was enough to keep me hooked for an hour this morning, until I stopped from the shame of my inability to beat the intermediate time.

Here we have the kicker with Drift Stage. It's damn hard. Simple to learn, with only accelerate and brake to worry about, but insanely difficult to master. On what I thought was a perfect run (no wall bumps) I discovered I was still about a second and a bit behind the intermediate time, so I have no idea what I'm supposed to do to get the advanced time. To rub my nose right in it, after the first lap a ghost of both my previous best and the intermediate time popped up to show me how generally terrible I'm performing.

So if you're looking for a super-neon-drift racer that scratches your itch for possibly unreal eighties electro-neon and challenging gameplay, keep an eye on Drift Stage. It's coming to Kickstarter very soon, and we'll be reporting back once we have more content! While you're waiting, you can download the free alpha and try it out for yourself!

UPDATE: We've started a podcast! Here's an episode where Tom, Rob and Earl talk exclusively about Drift Stage!