I'm very picky when it comes to playing games on mobile devices. When I say that, I mean I don't pick many at all. It's an area I've been trying to throw myself into: it's impossible to ignore. There are more people talking about Candy Crush Saga than Grand Theft Auto in my social feeds. I can see the appeal. The long commutes. The waiting rooms. The colonic irrigation wait. It's a nice format for puzzle games and slow-paced distractions, but sometimes you want a little action! This is where I've always felt the limitation of only having a touch screen lets the platform down. Virtual sticks are horrible. Mobile games need to keep it simple. Dudeski hits the spot.

Based on Microsoft's SkiFree, you play as a dude, skiing down-hill in a slalom, avoiding obstacles such as trees, penguins and of course, yetis. Tap the left of the screen to move left, the right to move right and both sides to jump. That's it. Bliss.

The controls are simple, but the execution is fantastic. Screen presses result in tight, responsive movements. Every pixel counts as you hurtle towards the bottom of the screen, alpine anarchy flying past you as you pick up speed. Failure to keep up the pace results in you being buried in white mush, as an avalanche stalks you for the duration of your run.


Dudeski is full of colour and character. You can converse with penguins who speak in dudebro-isms, who will exchange pine-cones for items that will help you push your high-score (distance) a little further. They will also whisk you away from the piste on occasion, to some hidden bonus levels, which I won't spoil here.

If you didn't buy any items from your penguin pals, hitting an obstacle means the ski-lift of shame, back to the top of the cliff. This makes the action tense, with every schuss and steer being a life-or-death decision, at break-neck speed. Calling it an 'endless runner' with snow would sell the game short, but you feel a similar sensation of defeat when you inevitably smash into a tree, ending your run. 'Endless' would be an inaccurate term too, with the game having four main stages, each with different themes, but randomly generated obstacles.

I heavily recommend you go play Dudeski. If the idea of a modern day SkiFree excites you, you shouldn't hesitate. For everyone else looking for a mobile game with a bit of heart-in-mouth, reflex-testing fun, this is well worth gambling the few cents being asked for.

The game was made by Benedict Fritz and Gerald Kelley. It features music by the insanely talented Tim Rurkowski, who also composed GPT favourite 10 Second Ninja.

You can buy the game on the App Store and find out more about it here.