Gaming At Rob's 20 Round-Up

Most of our playlist has been covered in recent weeks, but that doesn't mean there isn't stuff to highlight. We had another great turnout, so let's take a look at what was new or updated from GAR 20!

The Glorious Dogfight Revolution

I stumbled upon this game whilst browsing my Twitter feed. A free game from the same guy who made Ridiculous Glitching, it was originally created for a Game Jam and was later cleaned up for public release.


It's an intense and exciting 2 versus 2 flying game, where you have a plane each and need to drop propaganda pamphlets over the agents standing on the ground. Once you hit them, they'll start running towards the enemy's leader, who's sitting with their head in a guillotine. Your plane is also equipped with a gun, so you can shoot the enemy planes out of the sky, slowing them down.

You'll soon realise that your capacity of both pamphlets and bullets is very limited, so you'll have to constantly make the trip back over your team's blimp to stock up again. This leads to a frantic tug of war struggle to get 10 agents over to the enemy leader whilst also turning around any that are dashing towards yours, shooting bullets randomly in the enemy's direction in the hope that one will hit and take them out of the action momentarily. The game took a couple of matches for us to understand, but once we were into it we got really into it. I admire a game that lets the player figure it out for themselves, as it makes the victory all the more satisfying.

You can go and download the game for free over on Firepunchd's tumblr.


We got our hands on a new build of Crawl (played for the first time at GAR 13), this updated version adds a number of features which seem to have balanced the game out quite nicely. Where before we usually had one person running away with an early level gap, forcing the rest to either get lucky or resort to working together to stop the leader defeating the boss, here we had all 4 players only a couple of levels apart from each other.


The most visible addition is a blood system whereby you can pay to warp to the shop, and subsequently convert your well-earned ichor into cash money to buy new gear. Crawl is an exciting game, and we're hoping for more content so that we have more reasons to visit it more frequently. It's difficult to slot in during our more fast-paced nights alongside TowerFall and Nidhogg, but given some breathing room it really shines.

Powerhoof are closing in on an Early Access release, so you'll be able to play it for yourself very soon. Go find out more over on their site.

Here's the rest of the playlist:

Bounden - I didn't get to play it myself, in fact all I saw was Earl and Tom getting touchy-feely over in the corner. You can check out the "mobile dancing game" over at Giant Bomb, and once we've given it some more focus I'll feature it here.

Enemy Mind - Given a full release on the very same day, Enemy Mind has had some good airtime on here before. Our latest session proved to be very entertaining indeed.

Johann Sebastian Joust - We had a short session just after ordering some food, but the pizza guy was just too efficient so it ended prematurely. Our street kit and setup is getting smoother, so weekly JS Joust is becoming more and more of a reality.

sync - Jon Remedios' local multiplayer brain scrambler is still getting lots of love, we had a quick session to introduce it to a new follower. Look for more of Jon on the site in the near future!

Gang Beasts - Another favourite that we just had to dip back into. We're looking to more content from the Boneloaf boys.

Nidhogg - Possibly my favourite local multiplayer game just for how good a good match can be. Nidhogg is gearing up for a PS4 release, and is bringing a tiny but exciting feature, where your character's colour is reflected with the controller's light bar, making organising and playing tournament much easier!

Cards Against Humanity - We had our first full-fat session of Cards after a small preview last week, with 9 of us sat around the table. I introduced the Second Expansion Pack, and it was thoroughly enjoyable, offensive and great to see a large group really getting into it.

Mario Kart 8 - It really took Mario Kart to get the Wii U into regular GAR rotation, but damn, what a game! We're still slowly unlocking new content, but it's fun seeing people play it for the first time but drive like it's in their blood.

TowerFall Ascension - We love TowerFall.

We're on the hunt for more local multiplayer games! Come and tweet at us if you're sitting on one, or are in love with one that you haven't seen us feature before.