Gaming At Rob's 10 Round-Up

The boys were back in town for the 10th week of GAR. We investigated a couple of new games and revisited some old favourites.

TowerFall Ascension (GAR 10 Favourite)


We’ve been looking forward to this one for a long while, and we finally got our grubby little hands on the PC version. A local multiplayer arrow-em-up, TowerFall plays in a similar fashion to Samurai Gunn, but the sheer number of pick-ups, arrow types and game variants means that no two battles are the same. At the end of each round, the game shows an instant replay of the last kill, sometimes necessary viewing just to see what the hell had just happened! The icing on the cake is an option to save any replay as an animated .gif - the 2 below are from Friday night! This looks to be a new favourite for the group, so keep an eye on the site for more in-depth coverage soon. Meanwhile, do yourself a favour and pick the game up HERE.



We dug out BROFORCE again, as a couple of the attendees hadn't played it. Always fun, this insane co-op shoot-em-up is a treat for the eyes, if you have the visual acuity to figure out what is happening at any given moment. The player characters are all pop culture heroes, including Indiana Brones and Brobocop, and like all good '80s action movies you must work together to wipe out wave after wave of faceless goons. The terrain is fully destructible, the majority of things explode, and the only real goal is to "get to da choppaaah!!!" Check out the website HERE.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

While not the most obvious choice for a multiplayer game, we have had a lot of fun with this octopus simulator! The idea is to control an octopus disguised as a human, trying to go about his daily business without arousing suspicions that he is actually an octopus. Best played later in the evening, after a few beers, we like to have four players each controlling an individual limb, resulting in hilarious co-op play. Have a look at the website HERE.



We finished the night by completing Jazzpunk, a first-person adventure filled with references, silly voices, random sight gags and general insanity. It'll be worth going through again, so rich with detail is the world that we're sure we missed half of the content on the first playthrough. We only unlocked one full mini-game; interacting with a cake on a table pulled us into a surprisingly competent version of Quake, called 'Wedding Qake'! Go check out Necrophone's site HERE.

.As TowerFall Ascension took up most of our evening, we only had time to play a few other games, which we talked about in GAR 9; We tried the new build of .lazr. and got some more Nidhogg and Gang Beasts in. 

You can check out GAR highlights and much, much more over on our YouTube channel!