Gaming At Rob's 12 Round-Up

Welcome back to another week of the GAR Round-Up. We had a fantastic turnout for GAR 12, and played a mix of both favourites and new discoveries. Here's a rundown of what's new.

Enemy Mind

Enemy Mind just got its Steam release through Greenlight, and is a shoot-em-up with old-school style, that gives you the ability to take control of the spaceships around you as you fight through waves of enemies. It's an interesting twist, and when coupled with limited reserves of ammunition, becomes a necessity. Now add 3 other players into the mix, and things are likely to get a little chaotic. During our session, we had three people wrestling with control of the same ship within about 10 seconds, and didn't last very long, distracted as we were by the confusion. The game has an adaptive storyline and plenty of variety in the different ships, and with a co-ordinated team is sure to become quite a spectacle.

Go and take a closer look at the game at its site, and if you are interested in checking it out for yourself then head to the Steam page.

Goat Simulator

Yeah, that's right. We had our first look at the freshly released and widely anticipated Goat Simulator, and spent most of our time flying at an awkward angle with the help of a jetpack, before crashing through a window to trash a quiet family home, inhabitants included. The game started as a game jam experiment, but it caused such an uproar that the team went ahead and turned it into a full release. It's a physics driven disaster, but in a good way, and is best enjoyed with a group. At GAR, I was in control and had everyone throw out their suggestions - "Throw yourself down that slide," "Ram into that group of dancing hillbillies," "Jetpack off the top of that crane." Y'know, standard everyday requests like that. The game benefits from a 'force ragdoll' option, and if you really get into it there are plenty of objectives to try and complete, and hidden easter eggs to discover.

Goat Simulator is on Steam, but I suggest first heading to the game's website to learn more about this "small, broken and stupid game."

GAR 12 Favourite Game goes to Jon Remedios' sync, which we featured during our GAR 11 Round-Up. It managed to ensnare an unsuspected group of new players, most of which couldn't get quite their heads around the idea of someone else affecting their acceleration. It's a unique sensation, and I'm sure we'll be heading in for some more next week. It looks like Jon is busy working on a larger project involving sync, I'm excited by the prospect.

We also played more Gang Beasts, and the boys at Boneloaf are working on a 4th version to be released on or before this coming Saturday 5th April. Fingers are crossed that it's out in time for GAR 13.

Towerfall Ascension, and Nidhogg round out a lean but mean list, both top tier local multiplayer games. We've not had a session with them that has been anything less than a stupid amount of fun.

You can check out GAR highlights and much, much more over on our YouTube channel!