Gaming At Rob's 15 Round-Up


Ahead of the Easter Weekend, we decided to dedicate the whole of Friday to a monster GAR session, and got into some great new games in the process. We also got some footage of many of the games in action, which you'll see cropping up on the site over the next week. For now, come and see how we just spent 12 hours straight.

Before we got stuck into Gaming At Rob's proper, the GoPlayThat quartet experimented with a new feature that you'll see cropping up over the next few weeks, we'll formally introduce it when we publish the initial segment, but expect massive swords, shady corporations and turn-based combat to play important roles. Stay tuned!

Now, here's a look at the new games from this week:

FootLOL: Epic Fail League


A fusion of football match management and explosive real-time strategy. Matches will play out automatically, but you get to drop mines, add additional balls, and mess with a load of other unlockable powers to assist your team in achieving victory. As you progress through the tournament mode, you'll encounter crazier scenarios - from moving the goalposts around to playing on a different planet entirely. We had a ton of fun passing and playing between matches, and highly recommend this ridiculous, Russian-made take on the beautiful game. Find out more here.

The Yawhg


Four players take turns to simply live out their lives, by picking from a list of scenarios and then making choices that affect their character's stats. As you play, you're reminded that a terrible creature known as The Yawhg is making its way towards the town, and as the weeks pass by, each decision you make feels all the more important. Your individual choices will govern how prepared and how successful you are, and the game boasts over 50 unique endings that differ per character. The level of interaction is limited in a choose-your-own adventure style, but it is unique and was entertaining to play through as a group. You can go and see for yourself here.

SlashDash (GAR 15 Favourite)


Pure, solid capture-the-flag games are few and far between these days. There's something uniquely satisfying in a greatly balanced map that can see a well-coordinated team snatch victory time and again, but see the score swing the other way if their communication breaks down. For me personally, some of my favourite moments in multiplayer gaming have come from classic CTF matches in Unreal Tournament and Halo.

SlashDash is a top-down, 2 versus 2 game that is all about that balance of attack and defence, and your teensy ninja has a teleport move that can get them into the action quickly, and an attack that doubles up as a push for their flag-burdened teammate to get back to base with speed and style. Our matches consisted of a flurry of clashing swords and quick capturing that really had the whole group excited, and the way in which your team's score is reflected in a colouring in of the environment is a fantastic way of both displaying this information and causing your opponents to sweat as they see the world covered in the enemy insignia, as it were. You should definitely follow Nevernaut Games' progress on this gem as they head towards release.



An endless runner, but there are two runners at opposite polarity and you're in control of them both. If that sounds like a headache waiting to happen, well it certainly can be - early on, the level is symmetrical and so you just need to have both jump at the same time, but soon you'll need to tackle diverging paths and reversal of gravity which is tough to keep up with. Claudio and myself gave it a go and definitely had an easier time, except of course when you're being berated by your partner for failing at the final jump of the level, sending both of you back to the start. The game is on Greenlight, and is coming to PC and mobile in the near future - in fact, you can go and check out the level-limited flash version here, or even download a more complete demonstration version here!

Savant Ascent


We had a session of Savant Ascent as a group, pass-and-play style. It's a shoot-'em-up where you play as the titular Savant, and have limited range of movement - enough to make the action tense and focusing on your ability to eliminate threats that you are going to have trouble rolling or jumping to avoid. The game boasts a killer soundtrack that you'll unlock more of as you progress, it's a thrill-ride as you make your way up the tower. We recently had the pleasure of an interview with D-Pad Studio, the team behind the game, where you can learn more about it and much more. It's available on Steam and mobile platforms, and we all had great fun with it.

We also spent time with a huge list of favourites:

  • We had a second run at Enemy Mind and got into the third sector before losing all of our lives. Once you get over wanting to rip each other's eyes out for invading your ship and help your buddy get their own vessel, things get much more strategic!
  • We had 2 sessions of Crawl, introducing several members to the game for the first time. We simply cannot wait for the next version once it's onto Early Access.
  • We had our first go at the Early Access version of BROFORCE, which is shaping up very nicely. Bees? Tactical swine? Ziplines!!
  • We had some monster sessions of TowerFall Ascension, and have some fantastic replays to show for it. Those last 2 are the best, right? They were me! *dusts off shoulders*
  • We introduced a new member to Nidhogg and had some tense matches in the process. Damn you, Tom, and your frog technique!
  • We returned to sync and actually did better than usual, looks like we're really starting to get the hang of it! Oh, and the character names still crack us up.
  • We got drawn back into Jamestown but didn't have the skills to get through that final level without needing some further practice. The Conquistador remains atop his throne, we're just gonna have to get our vaunting in order and come back again.
  • We went through the newest version of Gang Beasts again to cap off the night, complete with violent train-induced death and ferris wheel acrobatics.

We recorded a lot of footage from the event, so you can look forward to a bunch of gameplay videos going up on our YouTube channel over the coming week.