Gaming At Rob's 9 Round-Up

Gaming at Rob’s is our weekly get-together, where we pick out and play some of the games that have caught our collective eyes over the last 7 days. Let's take a look at what we played at GAR 9.

Goofball Goals

We kicked the night off with this free ‘football’ sim. By Gravity Sensation, Goofball Goals is a 22-man QWOP inspired free for all, where the chances of actually scoring a goal are very limited and it is much more likely that your players will crash through the hoardings, destroy the flimsy wooden goal or just end up in a flopping heap in the middle of the pitch.

Goofball Goals

The game did provide some laughs with the ‘click-ass’ physics playground, where you can launch balls at helpless character models and let the surprisingly complex physics engine take over.

Fun for a few minutes, you can download it for free HERE.

Ridiculous Glitching

Next up, we punished our eyeballs with Ridiculous Glitching, from Firepunchd. A brain-melting take on the Flappy Bird style of game, Ridiculous Glitching ups the stakes with, as the name suggests, hideous amounts of on-screen bugs. Power ups become obstacles, as the gravity is reversed or the screen warps. Our own Earl Baker proved surprisingly adept at the game, while almost everyone else suffered horribly.

Ridiculous Glitching

Ridiculous Glitching is available for free HERE.


The brainchild of Kevin Bradshaw, .lazr. is an interesting local multiplayer only shooter. Each player controls a ship that can be outfitted from a selection of three weapons and three bonuses which confer wildly differing attack and defense styles. Currently in alpha, this is one to keep an eye on.


You can get it HERE for free.

Gang Beasts


We returned to an old favourite and GAR staple to check out the 0.0.2 build. 3 new levels have been added, with an incinerator and a ferris wheel, plus a street level which features AI enemies and The Big Pink Man. If you haven’t played this game yet, grab a few friends, download it HERE and have a giggle!

10 Second Ninja (GAR 9 Favourite)

The first game on the list that we had to pay for, and what a game!  The premise is simple; your cool little ninja goes up against a horde of Nazi robots, and must clear each level in less than 10 seconds using only his sword and shuriken. New levels introduce new challenges, such as falling blocks, collapsing floors and spikes, but the real challenge is beating each of these levels in the 3 star time limit.


What could be a massively frustrating game is instead a compulsive joy, as a quick restart button allows you to instantly have another crack at the level. No loading times, no punishments, just pure ninja fury!

Check it out HERE and grab it from either Steam or Get Games.



Another GAR staple, Nidhogg is, if you don’t know already, a two-player sword-fighting game where the ultimate prize is death! This game’s easy to pick up, hard to master control scheme has led to some intense battles between the GoPlayThat crew, with battles this weekend being particularly intense. If you fancy some fast-paced fencing fun, grab a copy HERE.

Samurai Gunn:


We finished the evening off with a few rounds of another of our regular games. Samurai Gunn supports up to four players in local versus mode, and each player takes control of a sword and pistol wielding samurai. The pistols, while powerful, only hold three bullets per life, so every shot counts, while the swords are deadly at short range, and if used well, can even send bullets back to their sender. In full swing the screen is filled with wildly leaping samurai, blood and shell casings, and the frantic nature of the gameplay keeps us coming back to this game every week. Do yourself and your friends a favour and pick it up HERE.

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