Spiritual successor to Test Drive Unlimited announced for Switch

Eden Games, of V-Rally, Alone in the Dark (2008) and Test Drive Unlimited fame have revealed the first trailer of their upcoming Switch exclusive. Gear.Club Unlimited presents itself as the first "serious" racing game on Nintendo's system, boasting 200 tracks and 30 licensed vehicles, with a single-player campaign, local co-op and online leagues.

More detailed information is sparse, but the title suggests that the game is a cross between Eden's Gear.Club, which is an actually decent (try it for free) racing game on mobile, and TDU. Whether that means more of an open world, exploration-centric game is yet to be seen.

The video is all cinematic and suspiciously close to marketing material already available for the mobile game, which is a shame. The announcement has been met with a pretty flat response from the team here at GoPlayThat, but I'm personally remaining optimistic.

Test Drive Unlimited and its sequel are among my favourite games of all time and I think Gear.Club is an absolute blast, so I'm looking forward to seeing more information, especially as I've been hungry for more of a simulation racing experience on a portable system for some time. When it comes out, I'll be your guinea pig.