Is GoldenEye 007 HD possible now?

It has been nearly 10 years since footage of GoldenEye 007 HD on XBLA was leaked. A complicated mess around the intellectual property and ownership of the game code were cited as the reason this much sought after remaster never saw the light of day. The original game was a Nintendo exclusive, the Bond license has been passed on to EA and then Activision, with the game made by Rare - a studio now owned by Microsoft.

Unseen64 have a short piece with some screenshots from the unreleased game.


Credit to Justin Scerbo , who spotted that on December 10th 2017, Nintendo's custom copyright for the game expired and has not been renewed. This could leave the door open for Microsoft to negotiate with the remaining parties, allowing Rare to finish the job they started a decade ago.

It may seem like a pipe dream, but it could be seen as a nice feather in the cap for Xbox One, a platform often criticised for lacking in unique titles. Are you willing to keep the dream alive?