Dating, Curses, Visualizers & Touchdowns!

Whether you're into helping Cupid's little arrows find their mark or stripping American Football down to its basics, there's something for nearly everyone* in this edition of GoPlayThese! *Unless you don't like having fun that is!


Kitty Powers' Matchmaker

Admit it, it's always been one of your greatest ambitions to own and operate your own dating agency. Well, Kitty Powers is here to help! While Kitty romps around town collecting the loneliest hipsters, geeks and chic types, it'll be up to you to pair them off with suitable partners, reaping both fame and fortune if all goes well.

And how, you ask, do we ensure that our potential couples hit it off? Well, the obvious answer is MINIGAMES! Test your memory to recall amusing childhood anecdotes, pay a Generation Game style game to remember the dessert trolley, play higher or lower to hold in a potentially date-ruining fart, it's all in here! What if the truth hurts, and maybe that guy's beard isn't all that? Well, just lie! It's as simple as spinning the wheel of fate and seeing whether they believe your little fib. After all, aren't all the best relationships founded on lies?

Doused in innuendo, with plenty of winks and nudges,  Kitty Powers' Matchmaker is a simple but bawdy good time. the refreshing ability to pair off same sex couples (without making an enormous deal out of it) is also a very nice and welcome touch.

(Kitty Powers' Matchmaker is on PC, as well as iOS, Android and Kindle Fire)

The Weaponographist

Doug McGrave! Adventurer! Hero! All-round asshat! Wandering jerk Doug MacGrave is in trouble. After refusing to help a penniless witch end her village's demon infestation, he finds himself on the wrong end of her magic stick. Cursed with easily breaking weapons and a rapidly diminishing skillset there's only one thing for it: dive into the nearest dungeon and start murdering monsters to please the witch and get her to break the hex!

Massacring enemies keeps your combo meter up, which in turn allows you to hit harder, but each weapon you pick up has a finite lifespan, forcing you to swap out and adapt on the fly. Dying doesn't impede your progress, merely depositing you back in town to upgrade your skills with any money (which is, apparently, goo!) and dive straight back into the dungeon!

While The Weaponographist may on the surface appear to owe a large debt to The Binding of Isaac, it actually plays in a very different way. The variations between weapons force a different play style every minute or so, and keeping your combo up means getting all up in enemy faces to finish them as quickly as possible. The game is perfect for a burst of 20-30 minutes (although later dungeon runs will take longer) and a bit of light stress relief!

(The Weaponographist is on PC)


Light into sound makes lovely ambient tunes and pretty patterns that would make a stoner's screensaver proud. That's what Auditorium is: zen-puzzle goodness with beautiful colours and ambient loops. Using a variety of modifiers (high speed, attract deflect etc.), the aim is to pull the coloured light-spurts through little colour containers to form part of a tune. Activate all of them to complete the tune, pass the level and leave a psychedelic spirograph floating on the screen.

There are more than seventy levels, and they can be fairly tough to beat, but the chilled soundtrack and trippy colours mean frustration is generally very far away. I love it, and you should too!

(Auditorium is on PC and Mac)

Touchdown Hero

European sites talking about American Football games is usually an awkward affair. The stretch to prove they understand the sport. The name dropping of a team name or player, in an effort to show what they are talking about. Perhaps they will rope in a freelancer to get the job done.

Well we here at GoPlayThat towers admit it, we know very little about American Football, but we know a fun game when we are playing one. I first discovered Touchdown Hero on Feb 1st of this year, the day of the Superbowl. The fact that I still return back to the game in all these months is a pretty good indication of how much I love it. Anyway, in preparation for the big game, what better than a virtual interpretation of the sport to understand what's going on?

So, here is the sport. Players start at the end of a field with a ball and have to run all the way to the other end as fast as they can, without getting beaten up by other players who are trying to get the ball from you. If you reach the other end, you score a Touchdown. You then smash through the other end of the field, Forrest Gump style, into another arena and keep on running to repeat the feat. You keep running through stadium after stadium, Touchdown after Touchdown, for eternity, until you are caught. Why can't this catch on in Europe?!

Controls are tailored brilliantly for touch-screens, moving your finger or thumb around the screen gives direct control of the player. It's extremely responsive and needs to be; the action is blisteringly fast paced. Lifting your chosen digit off of the screen activates a bullet-time mode for when you are in trouble. It's free. Just try it.

(Touchdown Hero is on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile)