Dinosaurs, Disco, Crabs & The News!

Back with some more tasty digital treats, GoPlayThese recommends space dinosaurs, underwater crab avoidance, hard-as-nails disco ships and typing as fast as humanly possible! Go look!


JumpJet Rex

JumpJet Rex is a space dino (yes!) on a mission from Earth. As the first dinonaut, it's up to Rex to save the world from impending asteroid doom. There's no Ben Affleck or Aerosmith here though, just old-school style platforming action (think Mega Drive), with the added challenge of race against the clock time trial fun.

If you've played Bardbarian you'll know Treefortress and their mix of great gameplay and sweet art, but even that might not prepare you for how deep JumpJet Rex is as a game. Hidden collectibles, secret levels, character customisation and the ever elusive triple gold star rating make Rex almost endlessly replayable. Oh, and there are boss battles, a co-op mode and a speedrun mode too! I wish I had had this game as a kid!


This is one for all of you who have ever dreamed about flying a spacecar over procedurally generated highways while pumping techno plays in the background. It's a really hard  (really, there's a warning and everything) endless flyer, with gaps to jump, obstacles to avoid and high scores to get. 5 modes (and 6 ships (including Psycho which I haven't even unlocked yet and makes everything harder and faster)) mean that there's plenty to do, and the beats range from relaxing to panic-inducing.

The game is liberally sprinkled with humour and little indie game references, and daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards will keep you coming back to try to beat my scores! If you're looking for a very challenging but at the same time oddly relaxing (and very, very addictive) you could do worse than taking GoScurry for a spin. Once the mobile version comes out I'll very likely never stop playing!

Seas of Scred

Let's take a journey under the sea and back in time! Seas of Scred (from Hammerspace Games (Quarries of Scred)) tasks us with helping marine biologist Ruby plunder a deep and evil trench to buy a new research vessel. Everything except the precious resources is a hazard, so this quest is not as simple as it seems. Mines, jellyfish and the evil CRABBENS are all out to get Ruby and even if you can navigate your way past them, you need to keep a close eye on your air. Suffocation isn't fun, kids!

The game is all C64 style, so don't get it expecting fancy graphics or 7.1 sound. While it is as old-school as it gets, there are a few concessions to modern life here. You can post your daily trench run scores to Twitter, and even change the graphics modes between C64, monogreen and the always fancy EGA. Grab a sub and get diving!

The Coop Times

The Coop Times (from 2 Hit Studio) is a free browser-based journalism sim. Helped only by whisky, cigarettes and a smooooth jazz soundtrack, it's your job to race deadlines, get the facts straight and try to please your perpetually pissed-off bosses. Given the bare minimum of facts, you must type a story, quite literally racing against time, and try to include all the details as best you remember them. If the deadline passes your typing, it's game over, you're fired! Also there's no backspace, so any errors stay on the page, which is going to make you look foolish when your story is automatically sent to The Coop Times homepage here. I recommended this game to an actual journalist and he loved it, so why not get the keys a-clackin'?