Sequel to Lethal League announced for 2018

Lethal League Blaze heading to PC and consoles next year!

Team Reptile have announced that they are working on a sequel to Lethal League, which was released in 2014 on PC and has since made the move to PS4 and Xbox One this year. Their teaser trailer shows that the attitude and style remains, and reveals a new playable character: Doombox.


Lethal League is kind of like a fighting game, but rather than engaging directly with your opponent, you win rounds by hitting them with a ball. As volleys go on, the speed of play increases, up to supersonic levels, with the visuals increasing in intensity to match.

We've been playing Lethal League since the very early days of our local multiplayer parties, Gaming At Rob's. News of a sequel has us very excited, and we'll be following Team Reptile's site for information on new characters on the road to release!