This HDMI cable has built-in anti-aliasing

Aliasing, or "jaggies" have been the bane of gamers for years. It's no secret that the swift uptake of 4K displays has been primarily driven by gamers wanting to eliminate those jagged edges in games, rather than those wanting a richer movie viewing experience.

What if I told you that you don't need a new TV, nor do you need to upgrade your gaming hardware? The Marseille mCable is an HDMI cable, which includes its own processing technology, built to eliminate jagged edges and improve overall image quality. They claim improvements for SD, HD and even 4K images.

This seems a perfect solution for both gamers using lower end PCs, who can disable AA on their GPU for improved performance, or for those playing on older generation consoles such as the PS3. Even the SNES Mini has been said to benefit from the device, for those playing classic games on very large TVs.

I'm keen to test it on systems such as the PS2 and Dreamcast, using my SCART/VGA to HDMI adaptors. Games from that era look stunning in emulation with AA added, but it would be even better to have that effect, running on native hardware.

It appears to be available from regional Amazon stores, although it seems much cheaper to import from the USA at the moment!