Pinball FX3 lets you play vertically on Switch

Before widescreen, we played our games on either rectangular screens or long, vertical displays in arcades. Although the home experience has long surpassed what we see in arcades today, retro fans would have to have unique displays to replicate those games from their past.

Tablets and phones have gone some way to allow us to see these games in their correct format, but with inadequate controls. I was excited at the design of the Switch with its removable Joycons, as this allows the screen to be rotated when appropriate.

Namco Museum takes advantage of this, with many games in their catalogue initially formatted to a vertical screen. The Neo-Geo emulator on Switch also includes the ability to rotate the screen, although we have yet this used.

I'm a huge pinball fan and love the Pinball FX series, so am delighted to see that the Switch version will take advantage of this rarely used feature. Being able to place the game on a table in front of me, to see the entire table art without the need to scroll up and down fulfils something I've wanted for a long time in a games system.

Can we get an Ikaruga port next, please?