We're Back, Baby!

Your pals at GoPlayThat have awoken, bearing the gift of new content! 


Hello, and welcome (back) to GoPlayThat.com!

We took what ended up being a 5-month hiatus, as all six of us found ourselves incredibly busy in the meatspace known as "the real world". But as summer draws to a close, we've reconvened with a renewed appetite, hungry to create new podcasts, articles and videos.

Today, we are re-launching with a fresh new look for the website, and a range of new features and content that we hope you're going to enjoy. A new live show, the return of the GoPlayThat Podcast, new articles including news and reviews, and a new coat of paint on the website for the modern era! Here are some shortcuts to today's new content, and details on that live show:


We've got a selection of game recommendations and critiques coming up. Today, we start with Tom's long-awaited review of Pyre. As a big fan of Bastion, what does Mr. Woolford think of Supergiant's latest effort? We've also started reporting news, but we're doing it our way; If we share it, you can be sure it's something that has us excited and intrigued.

GoPlayThat Live!

UPDATE: We have finished today's live show, you can see the archive on YouTubeComing up at 12:30 BST today (13:00 CEST), we'll be live on Twitch for a new episode of GoPlayThat Live, hosted by myself and featuring the other editors from the site. We'll be taking a look at some games that we've been enjoying recently, and playing some multiplayer with each other and the community. Follow us on Twitch to get notified when we go up!

GoPlayThat Podcast Returns!

We've got a new episode of the GoPlayThat Podcast to share! You can listen to Episode 83 right here, and you can check out all past and future episodes over on the PODCAST page. We'll be putting out a new episode every other Wednesday from here on out, so go subscribe by searching for us wherever you listen to podcasts!

Today, we don't quite know where to start, but soon settle on talking about Everybody's Golf, LawBreakers, and Sonic Mania. Also listen out for the hottest take on Destiny 2 that you ever did hear.


New look site and About Us!

We hope you like the fresh coat of paint we've put on our site! Go explore, and check out our ABOUT US page to find out more.. about us. We though that a good way to get to know us would be to share our top 5 favourite games. Today's content should give you an idea of the kinds of things we're focusing on making going forward.

Thank you for coming to see us today. We're super pumped about being back online, and will have news about our next event to share very, very soon. We invite you to follow us to get notified about new stuff, and encourage you to interact with us out there.

Rob, Earl, Stu, Tom, Bob & Hush.

Oh, one final note! We're inviting our fans to join our Discord community server and chat with us, and play some games together! Click the button to join!