Team Friendship: A D&D Podcast

Welcome, gamers! We're introducing a new podcast series following the trials and tribulations of a D&D game, run by me. The series will accompany our regular GoPlayThat Podcast series on our feed, but will be the audio from an actual D&D campaign, featuring a group of non-GPT adventurers on their journey to bonk goblins and bone wizards. Interested? Then read on, reader..

D and Wha?

Dungeons & Dragons, bruh. The tabletop RPG that has been around since the mid '70s. If you've literally no idea what it is, I suggest you hit up your favourite search engine and do some research. CBA? Then let me give you the short version: D&D offers a framework for role playing adventures with a group of your friends. The most basic version of the game would have your Dungeon Master (DM) - kinda like a sadistic narrator for the game - describe scenes, characters and story lines. The player characters interact with the world created for them by the DM, by describing their actions and using dice roles to measure their success in performing said actions. 


The Party: Team Friendship

Klaus Fallhammer - Dwarf Cleric

Klaus is an original member of Team Friendship. He meets Ogdin, Gully and M.I.A. member Redlin in Neverwinter, to start the saga. Klaus begins his cleric career with only a passing interest in religion; specifically in the parts that afford him power.

Klaus' anti-faith is put to the test when one of his amigos is infected with an undead curse. His God, Marthammor Duin, offers him the power to save his friend, however in return he must pledge himself fully to his religion. After much deliberation, Klaus concedes and is entered by the (un)holy spirit, saving his comrade. Klaus hasn't been the same man... dwarf.... dwarf-man since.

Ogdin Hewspear - Half-Orc Paladin

Ogdin and Mastiff companion Mishka's attack power would be a formidable force, if they could hit anything. Legends will state that they have the combined ballistic force of a trebuchet, but the aim of a blind goat. The only enemy Ogdin manages to hit with consistency is the fourth wall, much to the Dungeon Master's ire. Maybe that's why he found himself stranded in the woods surrounded by zombies that one time. 

Driven by an insatiable hatred of all things evil, Ogdin is never far from a fight. Loyal to his companions, and dog, the big O has earned himself a place in the heart of his colleagues in Team Friendship. 

Gully Foyle - Tiefling Warlock

The veritable glass cannon himself! Gully has the respect of his peers and drives fear into the hearts of his foes; Gully has a succession of high profile kills notched into his bedpost. Whether it's incinerating Goblins or toasting Doppelgangers, Gully's patented Eldritch Blast has ended more than one quarrel for Team Friendship. But let's face it, it's only a matter of time before he blows one of his own limbs off. 

Stuart Tosscobble - Halfling Rogue

Aptly named Tosscobble, the devious half-ling was picked up in a Phandalin bar and bartered a disproportionate fee for his services. Tosscobble is not without his uses: his trademark human shield technique (hiding behind Ogdin), this hobbit-like bastard can dish out some damage when needed. 

Sir Jellica - Human Fighter

Sleepy Sir Jellica seems to have developed a talent for snoozing amidst combat. Jellica was lurking in the Phandalin Tavern with Stuart Tosscobble;  little is known about him other than the fact he has a rather posh accent that gets him into places. 

Lean Talkfolk - Human Fighter

Super n00b Talkfolk was late to the party, found wandering the woods looking to pick a fight with a dragon?!? Someone needs to tell this guy you don't bring a level 1 shortsword to a level 4 Maul fight!


The Story So Far

If you're familiar with the 5th Edition Starter Set, we're playing through the accompanying Campaign: "Lost Mine of Phandelver." This session starts off in Thundertree after we've cleared most of the pre-finale dungeon crawl. 

For those unfamiliar with this campaign, let me set the stage:


A group of adventurers are hanging out in Neverwinter. Each is approached by a Dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker, who tells them he has a job for them. He groups the adventurers and asks them to escort a convoy to the nearby settlement of Phandalin, and upon reaching this destination Gundren will tell them what he has planned. Gundren and his colleague, Sildar Hallwinter, set off ahead of the party. The group get together, talk about their respective backgrounds and set off for Phandalin. 


As the group head toward Phandalin, they come across several dead horses and are set upon by a group of Goblins. After handily dispatching the goblins the group take one prisoner and force him to take them to his base of operations. The horses are identified as those belonging to Gundren and Sildar, thus the group sets off to seek out their presumed captured allies. 

Cragmaw Cave

You can watch an early attempt at a video capture of the Cragmaw Cave encounter below. If you can't be bothered with that then catch my summary below the videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

TL:DW the party ransacks the cave and rescues Sildar Hallwinter from the goblins' clutches. Gundren Rockseeker is nowhere to be found however, and the party set off for Phandalin to take stock and plan their next move. 


Upon entering the settlement, the party are immediately greeted by brutish Redbrand thugs. And so'eth the groups' now famed bargaining strategy of threatening everyone they meet, begins. After a short and violent encounter, the team let one Redbrand escape to tell his friends not to mess with the party; the Redbrand is named "Pill".  The word about town is that the Redbrand are up to no good and the gang are offered reward for ridding the town of these interlopers. 


As the squad tackled the Redbrand hideout, Ogdin was strangely absent from the group. It was revealed that whilst the crew were sleeping, Mishka was summoned to the forest by mysterious forces. Dog loving Ogdin pursued his pup and sacrificed his own body to save his canine companion. Ogdin was ripped, bit and shredded by the zombie onslaught, despite his best efforts to fend them off. 

All was not lost, however: Mishka sniffed out the team who'd just captured the Redbrand Leader, Iarno "GlassStaff" Albrek, to quash the Redbrand menace in Phandalin. In a Lassie-like moment she compelled the crew to follow her to Ogdin's near corpse-like state. In an impressive show of field medical prowess, Klaus managed to patch the half-orc brute together again. All was well, but for the undead curse that had infected the big guy. 


Faced with the ultimate choice, Klaus had to choose between his friend and his identity. Knowing of Ogdin's curse and impending demise, Klaus was visited in the dreamscape by his god, Marthammer Duin, and offered the chance to cure Ogdin. The only catch: he'd have to give himself fully to his god, essentially handing over a big part of his own ego to the god for safe keeping. 

Being a healer to the end, Klaus chose to save his comrades life and gave himself to God. Ogdin was restored and the party was happy for the most part. No one in the party truely understood what Klaus had given up for his comrades. 

Cragmaw Castle

After learning from Sildar about Gundren's quest to find the lost Wave Echo Cave, and acting upon information from GlassStaff as to Gundren's whereabouts, Team Friendship sought out Cragmaw Castle to liberate the dwarven prospector. After a series of intense combat encounters, the team triumph and manage to rescue Gundren finally. 

After a brief skirmish outside the castle with a trio of Hobgoblins, the crew decide to head north to hunt down a fleeing Redbrand that Stuart Tosscobble has beef with, Redbrand Pill.


En route to the abandoned village of Thundertree in search of Tosscobble's foil, the group enlist the help of a wandering fighter named lean. Upon arriving at Thundertree, several Twig Blights beset the group and combat ensues.


And then...

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