Where is My Heart?

Get your thinking cap on. Also, while you're at it, grab an extra pair of eyes. Both will help with the cute but difficult puzzles presented in Where Is My Heart?, released by the folks at Die Gute Fabrik.

PS3 and Vita owners might recognise the name; it was released a couple of years ago. After a little bit of spit and polish (namely a couple of new levels and an improved UI) WIMH? is ready to say hello on PC. Mind, prepare to boggle!

Charting the heart-tree-hunting adventures of Brown, Orange and Grey, WIMH? starts off as a fairly straight-forward puzzler. Grab the hearts in the level, and bust a move to the exit. Simple. The difficulty soon ramps up though, as the levels are broken into multiple tiles, and not all the tiles are in the right order. This means that traversing the environment becomes very tricky as you try to collect the scattered hearts, avoid impalement or drowning, and in some cases, even working out how to get to the exit can be a trial in itself.


This mechanic is really quite the thing, and does take some getting used to. Keeping one beady eye on multiple tiny screens, inching forward and watching for a leg or head to appear somewhere (hopefully not in a spike pit) or throwing caution (and yourself) to the wind and hoping for a lucky landing is not something that comes easily. Like any good puzzle game though, the difficulty lends itself to a solid feeling of satisfaction when you make it out of a level, all hearts clutched in a pixelly paw.

Not content with merely splitting up the standard 2D environment into disorganised squares, things take a further twist as we are introduced to the alter-egos of our lovable heroes. Orange can morph into the Rainbow Spirit, allowing her to rotate the gamescreen and access different areas without walking. Brown becomes the Antler Ancestor, showing off with a nifty double jump ability, and Grey unleashes the power of Bat King, revealing hidden platforms that only he can stand on.

Linking all of these powers, and dealing with the shattered screen means that WIMH? is more difficult than the art style might lead you to believe. Some of the puzzles might make you want to tear your hair out, but as long as you keep your cool and think in multiple directions at the same time, you should be able to get to the exit. However, getting there with all hearts and without dying is quite another...

If you fancy the brain melting challenge, Where Is My Heart? is available on Steam, GOG.com and the Humble Store for 7.99€ (with a 10% discount at time of writing). We HEARTily recommend it! (Sorry).