Born in England, currently in Spain. Retro-head and recovering SEGA addict, big into PC. Prefers pick-up-and-play over marathon gaming sessions due to being easily distracted by shiny objects and cats.

Born in England, currently in Spain. History in the competitive space on consoles, plays on PC these days. Loves racers, shooters and music games, but will try any genre or type of game once for your pleasure.

Born in England, currently in Spain. Likes any kind of game, has no allegiance to any particular platform or genre. Would probably try and play games on his washing machine. Has 3 crazy, TV blocking cats.


Born in England, currently in England. Usually playing his PS4, prefers RPGs and other story driven games, but will in reality play anything and everything. His heart is made from freshly squeezed indies.

Born in Spain, currently in Spain. Has a soft spot for the 16-bit era and his Super Nintendo. In addition to having the most experience with live streaming, he's also the games creator of the group.

Born in Portugal, currently in Switzerland. Elusive and entertaining, his gaming passions are wide reaching. Regularly lives up to his nickname by requiring special apparatus to be heard on broadcasts.



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