Hitman's Elusive Target Event 26

Here's the final Elusive Target! Our objectives are to kill The Entertainer, also known as 'Mr. Giggles', and then find the guest list that's with his unmarked assistant. This takes place in Marrakesh on the 'A House Built On Sand' bonus mission.

Thanks to everyone that has joined any of the 26 Elusive Targets since our first one on 14th May 2016, and thanks to IO Interactive for delivering perhaps the best support for a single player game ever. We'll be back with any news we get on future Hitman announcements or Season 2 information! 

You can see all 26 live streams archived here on YouTube!

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Hitman's Elusive Target Event 25

Hello and welcome back to our Elusive Target series! Almost 2 months since ET24, a lot has happened in the world of Hitman: IO Interactive were dropped as a developer by their publisher, Square Enix, and then post-E3 confirmed that they had secured their own independence, and along with it their continued stewardship of the franchise going forward. It's been a rollercoaster of emotion as a diehard Hitman fan with 100+ hours sunk into this incredible game, but they seem to be coming out stronger, releasing the ICA Facility tutorial location for free and attracting new players with deep discount sales.

Looking at today's Elusive Target, we have a new challenge to overcome, as we're not made aware of the target's physical appearance until we're on location. Enjoy our 50 minutes of Japanese whiskey, explosive ducks and sneaky gardeners.

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Hitman's Elusive Target Event 24

IO have confirmed that this is the first of 3 final Elusive Targets for Season 1. That news has left me some conflicting emotions: Sad to see them wrap up ET support for the current maps, but also happy to welcome any and all news about Season 2, which you'd imagine they'll start talking about very soon. 

Final note before we get to the video, that month's break from Hitman was refreshing, but left me - as you'd expect - quite nervous about playing the high pressure scenario of an Elusive Target. Anyway, here's our hit on The Bad Boy, which takes place on the Summer Bonus Episode level 'The Icon', a nighttime twist on the Sapienza location. Maybe the last 2 targets will be on 'A House Built on Sand' and 'Landslide'?

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: The Chase

We've been playing a lot of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Tonight was an especially eventful series of matches, punctuated by moments of brilliance. Here's one such adventure we found ourselves on. The group takes some hits, before finding themselves on a madcap chase across dangerous ground.

Flinthook Overview

I had a great weekend with hot new release, Flinthook, an action platformer with rogue-lite elements that will test your reflexes and ability to combine 3 core skills together: zipping around with your hook, shooting swathes of enemies, and using your time slowing powers to dodge incoming danger. Check out our latest Overview for a rundown of the game and a recommendation to go play it. We promise you'll be hooked!

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FAST RMX Overview

I was a big fan of Fast Racing NEO on the Wii U and was delighted to see Fast RMX as a launch title for the Switch. I've been playing for a while now, but now that Update 1 for the game has been released, I felt it was time to share my thoughts so far.

Hitman's Elusive Target Event 23

Tom joins me as I stalk The Paparazzo around the Paris fashion show, and seek an ideal opportunity to strike. There is speculation that there are only 5 more Elusive Targets after this one - and expecting that'll be one per location - so this might have been the last in Paris. Excited for Season 2, but there's still a ton of content to enjoy in Season 1.

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Four in February 2017 Highlights

28 days ago, we had completed the 28 day long challenge known as Four in February. We made this short film to share how the event unfolded. Sit back and enjoy, and if you'd like to check out a Let's Play of a particular game, we've got the YouTube playlist for you right here

Thanks for watching and for those that followed along live. Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with our future events!

Hitman's Elusive Target Event 22

Tom joins me for Elusive Target 22, The Bookkeeper. This event's twist is that our target will flee and exit the level if alerted by combat, which had me a little on edge. What if I miss my shot? What if an explosive blast isn't close enough to him and I'm not able to make a second attempt? Enjoy the video, and please subscribe to us on YouTube!

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Hitman's Elusive Target Event 21

Bob joins me to offer rational thinking in the face of high tension, multiple re-plans, and a gut-wrenching final run. Without much unlocked on this final location in the game, I was severely limited in what starting options I had, so several attempts led to dead ends. But stick around to the end, because it gets really, REALLY intense.

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Hitman's Elusive Target Event 20

Elusive Target 20 will go down in the record books for Tom and I. This is 90 minutes of discovery, adventure and nail-biting thrills. The objectives: Kill "The Warlord", and retrieve the intel. Join us on our journey through the true Himmapan Horror...

PARTING THOUGHTS - SPOILERS! On reflection, I think it was very clever to have militia walking between the cordoned off floors and the security room, to hint at where the intel is located - but I certainly wasn't in a frame of mind to figure that out for myself considering how this one was going. I also re-watched and it would not have been possible to take the disguise of the red beret militia, so there was not a bug with the wardrobe. I did learn that the Krugermeier 2-2 is a useless piece of crap that I'll never equip again. 

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Hitman's Elusive Target Event 19

Tom and I took a break from finishing our first games in the Four in February 2017 challenge, to get rid of The Blackmailer, and Elusive Target that IO put out for 10 days to introduce new players to the mode - it's up at the same time as the physical full game launch this week.

I had a good idea of what to do with his route, and given the need to retrieve an item from his body, I looked for a way to handle him silently, and maybe get my 2nd SA rating on the road to 5 SAs and a special Winter Suit for my trouble. 

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Hitman's Elusive Target Event 18

For Elusive Target 18, "The Chameleon", we have to perform an accident kill not involving explosives. That can involve falling from great height, drowning, and having something fall on you, among a few other limited options. This is also our first ET on Colorado, a map that is teeming with militia who don't like Agent 47 one bit. 

With Bob and Tom as support, I took on this difficult challenge. Did I come away with a new suit, or was this my first failed Elusive Target? 

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Hitman's Elusive Target Event 17

Hey there! Elusive Target 17 is our first of '17, and boy does IO know how to mess with me. Standard practice thus far has been to look at the target's briefing video and their title - in this case "The Food Critic" - to work out what methods I might be able to use on them. That being the case, I took in a couple of poisons to spike anything new I might find in the kitchen; Turns out, Wen Ts'ai doesn't actually eat any of the food he's critiquing, so my Plan A goes right down the toilet. I guess that means that even if he were to try any of the food, he wouldn't actually swallow it and feel the affect of my bitter nectar. I guess I'll actually start reading the target information from now on!

Cue me scrambling for come up with another technique, with the help of Bob and Tom. Enjoy!

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Hitman's Elusive Target Event 16

For our last Hitman stream of the year, I was joined by Tom and Hush as we took out Elusive Target 16, "The Guru". I wasn't allowed to harm his employer or the lawyer, so based on the briefing video I took in some poison, a lock pick to get around the town hall building, and a sniper rifle as a back-up plan. You can see for yourself which option was successful.

We then took a look at the Holiday Hoarders mission, which IO released as a free bonus for everyone. They don't change up the Paris level to the same extent as they did with the Summer Bonus Content that saw Sapienza and Marrakesh get completely transformed, but instead we got to see some unique AI routines for the two targets, who are named after the Wet/Sticky Bandits from Home Alone. Harry seemed to be casing the joint when I found him early on, but Marv had his pockets full of weird items and seemed to be using coins to distract the guards to move them away from the stairs. It was bizarre to see, and something I'd like them to experiment with further. Better yet, perhaps they could experiment with some co-op multiplayer and allow my partner-in-crime Tom to play with me. Think of all the circumcision knives we could pilfer between the two of us!

Lastly, once I'd taken down the targets in Paris, we stuck around to try and find the Santa suit, which apparently is being worn by Santa himself, as he teleports around the level. We didn't manage to find him, but I'm planning to go and spend more time with this mission to observe the weird stuff they've put in. See you in 2017!

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Hitman's Elusive Target Event 14

Coinciding with the release of Elusive Target 14, IO put out some new reward suits to fight for. These include location specific suits, and some extra-tough Silent Assassin suits: SA rank requiring you to meet some lofty criteria, especially for those not used to thinking about cameras, found bodies and the like.

5 Silent Assassin rankings, on 5 Elusive Targets.. Aw crap..

5 Silent Assassin rankings, on 5 Elusive Targets.. Aw crap..

With all that said. ET14 was ripe for a good poisoning so I went back to Paris with that thought in the back of my mind. IO has stated that they'll continue to support the game with live content, despite having released the 6 locations for Season 1, and the location-specific suits totally point towards seeing all of the locations make an appearance over the coming weeks and months. We'll be there!

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Here is the full archive of our live show, available in one handy playlist. We've got the games we played listed in the video descriptions, with shortcuts to take you to the start of each one, plus shortcuts for some of the silliest and most important events that happened during the stream.

Thank you to everyone that followed us live, and of course to all of you that donated to the cause. Please enjoy the archive!

Hitman's Elusive Target Event 13

Holy smokes! Just got done with Elusive Target 13, which is the first double-assassination, and the first in Bangkok. Special thanks to Tom for joining me once again, to keep me sane during an hour of hopeful coin tosses, hairy near misses, and some extreme acts of patience.

This coming Saturday 12th November 2016 is our first ever 24 HOUR GAMING MARATHON, where we'll be streaming on Beam for a whole day, for charity! Hitman will definitely feature, where I'll hand the controls to my expert handler Tom!

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