Hitman's Elusive Target Event 16

For our last Hitman stream of the year, I was joined by Tom and Hush as we took out Elusive Target 16, "The Guru". I wasn't allowed to harm his employer or the lawyer, so based on the briefing video I took in some poison, a lock pick to get around the town hall building, and a sniper rifle as a back-up plan. You can see for yourself which option was successful.

We then took a look at the Holiday Hoarders mission, which IO released as a free bonus for everyone. They don't change up the Paris level to the same extent as they did with the Summer Bonus Content that saw Sapienza and Marrakesh get completely transformed, but instead we got to see some unique AI routines for the two targets, who are named after the Wet/Sticky Bandits from Home Alone. Harry seemed to be casing the joint when I found him early on, but Marv had his pockets full of weird items and seemed to be using coins to distract the guards to move them away from the stairs. It was bizarre to see, and something I'd like them to experiment with further. Better yet, perhaps they could experiment with some co-op multiplayer and allow my partner-in-crime Tom to play with me. Think of all the circumcision knives we could pilfer between the two of us!

Lastly, once I'd taken down the targets in Paris, we stuck around to try and find the Santa suit, which apparently is being worn by Santa himself, as he teleports around the level. We didn't manage to find him, but I'm planning to go and spend more time with this mission to observe the weird stuff they've put in. See you in 2017!