Hitman's Elusive Target Event 17

Hey there! Elusive Target 17 is our first of '17, and boy does IO know how to mess with me. Standard practice thus far has been to look at the target's briefing video and their title - in this case "The Food Critic" - to work out what methods I might be able to use on them. That being the case, I took in a couple of poisons to spike anything new I might find in the kitchen; Turns out, Wen Ts'ai doesn't actually eat any of the food he's critiquing, so my Plan A goes right down the toilet. I guess that means that even if he were to try any of the food, he wouldn't actually swallow it and feel the affect of my bitter nectar. I guess I'll actually start reading the target information from now on!

Cue me scrambling for come up with another technique, with the help of Bob and Tom. Enjoy!