Hitman's Elusive Target Event 20

Elusive Target 20 will go down in the record books for Tom and I. This is 90 minutes of discovery, adventure and nail-biting thrills. The objectives: Kill "The Warlord", and retrieve the intel. Join us on our journey through the true Himmapan Horror...

PARTING THOUGHTS - SPOILERS! On reflection, I think it was very clever to have militia walking between the cordoned off floors and the security room, to hint at where the intel is located - but I certainly wasn't in a frame of mind to figure that out for myself considering how this one was going. I also re-watched and it would not have been possible to take the disguise of the red beret militia, so there was not a bug with the wardrobe. I did learn that the Krugermeier 2-2 is a useless piece of crap that I'll never equip again. 

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