Hitman's Elusive Target Event 7

For the 7th Elusive Target, IO ran a vote on www.chooseyourhit.com which empowered players to decide who they'd next want the chance to take down, and the options were quite unique: Gary Cole, who has been in a string of films and TV series, and Gary Busey, who is... well, Gary Busey. Busey won the vote, but both of them star in the event and at one point meet up and exchange words. You can check out my attempt in this video, where I try my hand at using the sniper rifle for the first time.

Hitman's Summer Bonus Episode also dropped this week, and features two main missions that put a spin on Sapienza and Marrakesh, two of the three available locations at this time. After the Busey hit, I played through The Icon, which takes place on a movie set complete with film crew, stage props and onlooking crowds. Next time out, we'll check out A House Built On Sand.