Pokkén Tournament First Look

There was this one day where Katsuhiro Harada, creator and producer of the Tekken series, said that he was working on a Pokémon game, and everybody laughed and laughed. But then once we stopped laughing, we thought about it... and it clicked!

How come this was not a thing before? For all our lives we've been sold that Pokémon fights are supposed to be exciting, and are considered within the game's lore as the biggest sport there is. So how is it possible that there has been no real-time fighting Pokémon game before? Once we let this thought sink in, we ceased the laughter and began with the excitement. The game was released sometime around 2015 in Japanese arcades to general praise, and left the players overseas wanting a bit of the fun. 

Well, the wait is over, and Pokkén Tournament (because Pokémon + Tekken = Pokkén?) is finally here for us to play. Now, I'm no expert on fighting games, and I don't really intend to be. I didn't even initially want to buy the game, but the more the release date approached, the more it was drawing me in. Finally, I caved and purchased a copy. I had a couple of games with my wife and right after I decided that it would be a good idea to share my impressions with you in a video. 

Please don't judge my skills...