Slain! First Look

I've been looking forward to Slain! for some time now, having mentioned on the Mixlr feed that I pre-ordered the game based solely on the look of animated .gifs being shared by the developer. The game's a looker; beautiful pixel art, stylised around what looks like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, with even nicer animation.

The developer, Wolf Brew Games, claim inspiration from games such as Ghosts and Goblins and Shadow of the Beast. The game certainly feels snappy and responsive like those classic hack-and-slashers, although it doesn't evolve beyond the concepts of those games either. Which is absolutely fine.

The video below is Rob and I taking a first look at the game, recorded before any fixes or changes have been made, which at the time of writing is being discussed by the developers. You see, the initial public reaction has been somewhat negative. We manage to look past the complaints and found an enjoyable throwback to an era I continue to be fond of, albeit with a lack of polish in areas.

I look forward to seeing what Wolf Brew do next, as if changes are expected, I'll likely return to the game to see what's been done. For now, enjoy the show.

Edit: Oh, I was wrong. Slain! did start as a Kickstarter!