Volgarr the Viking - Four In February 2016 Highlights

February this year, the GoPlayThat crew embarked upon a mission to each complete four games in their backlog within the month. You can read more about the challenge here.

One of my chosen games was Adult Swim's 16-bit throwback platformer, Volgarr the Viking. My completion of Volgarr was a special gaming moment for me. Not only is the game as tough as Norse leather, but it was the first game I ever played to completion on my Twitch account.

I credit having a chat room full of spectators consisting of friends and strangers as the reason I was able to push through to the end in, I am told, an excellent time for a first playthrough. One of the friends I picked up along the way happens to be in the top 10 speedrunners in the world for the game. Respect.

Check out the video below to see highlights from my playthrough. Cheers!